vendredi 9 octobre 2009

L'impact du Bloc Québécois.

Le démocratie agit au Canada. Nous vivons sous la direction d'un gouvernement conservateur minoritaire qui pourrait devenir majoritaire selon les sondages. Au moment où le Parti Libéral du Canada semblait sur le point de pouvoir renverser le gouvernement de Steven Harper, la popularité du chef libéral Michael Ignatieff, se retrouve au plus bas suite à la crise qui a frappé le parti après la démission de Denis Coderre, le lieutenant de monsieur Ignatieff au Québec.

Qu'on le veuille ou non, le Québec joue un rôle primordial dans la capacité de gouverner du gouvernement élu au Canada. On n'a qu'à voir les courbettes que font les partis fédéraux devant les québécois pour tenter de les charmer et de les convaincre de voter pour un autre parti que le Bloc Québécois.

Je ne veux pas prendre position pour un parti ou un autre. Mais, je pense sincèrement que les québécois se doivent pour le moment de continuer de voter pour le Bloc Québécois, à l'aube des élections partielles qui arrivent sous peu et de celles qui pourraient aussi se tenir à la grandeur du pays dans les prochains mois. Qui peut affirmer au Québec en ce moment pouvoir faire confiance totalement au Premier Ministre Harper pour veiller réellement aux intérêts du Québec ? Et qui peut faire confiance à Michael Ignatieff et son parti, plus ou moins crédible depuis sa supposée restructuration. Il y a seulement quelques semaines on entendait encore Steven Harper parler sur un ton rempli d'agressivité, contre ceux qu'il appelle les séparatistes du Québec. Je sens que si le peuple canadien donnait à Steven Harper un gouvernement majoritaire, ce dernier montrerait ensuite rapidement ses vraies couleurs qui risqueraient de déplaire au québécois.

Ne serait- ce que pour garder la démocratie bien vivante et pour faire sentir au gouvernement Harper une méfiance bien justifiée, les québécois se doivent de demeurer du côté du Bloc Québécois. La seule chose qui sonne faux chez le peuple québécois, c'est qu'ils votent massivement pour le Bloc Québécois au fédéral et quand vient le moment de voter pour élire le gouvernement provincial, ils ne votent plus pour le Parti Québécois, le parti paternel de Bloc Québécois. La méfiance envers le gouvernement fédéral semble plus forte que jamais chez les québécois mais, l'audace de foncer vers l'option séparatiste semble elle, s'être estompée. Il faudra peut- être un nouveau groupe de gens avec une approche différente pour faire renaître le goût chez une majorité de québécois, de voir voir leur province devenir un pays. Sans doute qu'il faudrait présenter cette option sans l'arroser de négativisme envers le fédéralisme mais, plutôt en faisant valoir nos valeurs et nos ressources. Il faudrait aussi avoir un plan de relance solide pour les régions moins peuplées du Québec, en difficulté depuis plusieurs années. Mais, une chose est certaine, pour le moment je crois vraiment que les québécois se doivent de continuer d'épauler le Bloc Québécois quand vient le temps de voter au plan fédéral. De toute manière, le Bloc n'a jamais eu autant de pouvoir au Canada qu'il en a en ce moment.

lundi 5 octobre 2009

Try Elizabeth !

In the last week end, i observed many things. There were many subjects of interest. I did nothing special but i observed. There are week ends like that. I watched some sports on television and i watched the news. First, i watched hockey saturday. I love hochey. Being canadian it's kinda' normal. I watched a game between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins are the team of my childhood. When i was about 10, i started watching hockey on tv. Boston had a solid team and i fell in love for the Bruins. Saturday they won 7-2 and the game was exciting and full of fights. It reminded me that era when i loved the Bruins. I know, fights are violent and many people hate the fact that there are fights in hockey. Sometimes i think it's stupid too but i must say that it's exciting ! That game reminded me of my youth and of that time when i dreamed to go to live in Boston someday. Ah ! Dreams...

This week end, we also saw our Prime Minister of Canada sing during a fundraiser night in Ottawa. He sang " With a little help from my friends", of the Beatles. For the first time since many years, we have in Canada a Prime Mimister who looks good on the international scene. Quite a contrast with those who preceded him, like Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin. And mister Harper sang that song very well ! I can say he's talented ! He surprised me with his way of singing like Ringo Starr, who sang that song many years ago. Let's keep our Prime Minister ! He leads a minority government always on the verge of being reversed. I am sure we are better off with him rather than with those who want his place.

I also learned about the massacre of the dolphins in Japan. A group of hunters in Japan capture dolphins in Japan to sell them. They capture a lot of dolphins and keep only a small group and massacre the others instead of releasing them. They were filmed doing that and a movie has been made to show the horrors those japanese commit toward the dolphins. Incredible all the indifference of the human beings for the animal life. More should be done to protect animals everywhere in the world.

The Afghanistan war continued to be in the news all week end. I still think that this war is a lost cause. My country, Canada is squeezed in that conflict until 2011 and here in Canada, people are impatient to see our troops out of that war. There are fights in Afghanistan but the real danger now is in Pakistan. Our troops and those of America and many other countries are in deep trouble in Afghanistan but those who control that strange taliban power are in Pakistan and nobody really touch them. There is even a threat that those terrorists could soon control Pakistan. I have a friend who is in Afghanistan right now, fighting in the canadian army. He is in constant danger fighting for reasons hard to define in a country where even the russian army broke it's teeth. Those who are there right now will break their teeth too, even if they received the help of thousands of soldiers more, you can bet on that.

I also watched some football. Canadian football and NFL football. Yesterday i watched the game between Indianapolis and the Seattle Seahawks. I was looking at the Seahawks being crushed by the Colts, in the absence of Matt Hasselbeck. It seems that the Seahawks are unable to do anything good without their star quaterback. Like his brother does not seem to play anymore, i was telling to myself : " The Seahawks should try Elizabeth ! She is a Hasselbeck too ! And she succeeds at all she does. And i'm sure she has a good arm too !" Yes try Elizabeth before she comes back on "The View".

That was my week end. Nothing very exciting but full of strange thoughts. I'm sure the new week will be full of events to tal about. Anyway i want to write more about the massacre of the dolphins in Japan. I love animals and we must do all we can to protect them.

jeudi 1 octobre 2009

The dream team.

The City of Chicago is well represented in Copenhagen Danemark for the presentations by the cities hoping to obtain the 2016 summer Olympic Games. Nothing was left to chance it seems. The Obama family accompanied by Oprah herself are now in Copenhagen, surely confident to comeback in Chicago with the 2016 games in their pockets. I wish that they realize their objective and bring back the game in the windy city but i doubt they can realize that.

First of all, i think the United States had the Olympic games rather often in the last years. There is a strong movement in the Olympic Commitee wanting to see the games move to South America. They went to America and Asia a lot in the recent years and South America is like a normal target now. I also think that the members of the Olympic Commitee are probably a bit disturbed by the "too strong" delegation sent by Chicago. Seeing big stars like the Obamas with Oprah arrive in Danemark is like seeing the invincible team coming only to win. No defeat possible for such a cast. The effect caused by the dream team of Chicago could be reverse.

I also think that Tokyo could be the surprise winner tomorrow. This city is absolutly incredible, ultra modern and after Beijing, why not go a last time in Asia in the most spectacular city of that continent. Personnaly i fear that the people of Rio De Janeiro and those of Chicago will go back home sad tomorrow. I would like to see the Olympic games held in beautiful Chicago in 2016 but it won't happen.

One factor to consider too is the fact that President Obama is popular but less than let's say four months ago. I can even say that i'm sure that many people are tired to see him talk on television almost each day since the first day of his electoral campaign last year. And i think he must had left his wife do the job alone in Danemark. Chicago's chances would have been better to obtain the 2016 games. But that's only my opinion. We will see tomorrow if i was wrong. If i was don't hesitate to write me to brag me.

mardi 29 septembre 2009

Violence everywhere.

Each day we are bombarded by so much bad news on tv, on the net, in newspapers. Yesterday there was that horrible story in Chicago, of the young guy beaten to death for nothing by three goons who had too much hate in themselves. I also saw in New York, a story of a policeman who massacred a poor guy on the street with an extreme violence. Violence is everywhere and the medias exagerate sometimes on the number of times they can diffuse images of horrible events. It's good to be informed but i really think that some news should not be treated all day long.

I think that today's life is stressing for the majority of us and there is more and more somekind of an aura of negativity surrounding us. The majority of the tv series that we can see now, are crime series or horror series. Many movies appearing in cinemas and on tv are also horror movies or police stories containing horrible images of murders. It's a crazy world and let's say that we could do more to make things better. Nowadays many people don't believe in anything anymore. They live like if life had no signification. Not surprising that children get older without guidelines and without respect for life or for the others. For many teenagers, the amount of frustration accumulated in them is dangerous. I really think that the real change we need in our society is in the way people educate and take care of their children. The way schools teach to the children should be to reevaluated too. The way majority of schools teach to children is the same way employed so many years ago and it must change. The teenagers particularly need a new kind of school, more adapted to what they like and to what they are interested to. And discipline and respect must make a comeback in the families. Families...For those who still exists. That's another part of the problem. The majority of the families finish in a divorce and the children suffer from it. Consequences are often horrible after that.

I know. I can't remake the world. I am not the first to try...And i won't succeed. But i am sure that the real change our society need is the one i talked about. Change in politics is nothing important besides the change needed for the children and teenagers of Canada and United States.

samedi 26 septembre 2009

Who is painted in the corner ?

After following the meeting at the United Nations in New York this week and what followed yesterday in Pittsburgh at the G20, we can ask ourselves whos is painted in the corner. The adress of Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Israel on thursday, had an incredible impact. I knew listening to him that what he was saying would change things. The man was insulted by the fact that Ahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran kept denying the holocaust. Mister Netanyahu talked with exactitude and he was clear. His country won't stand for long the attitude of Iran toward the international community and he was clear. If the U.N. don't act against Iran, Israel will soon.

Mister Netanyahu's speech pushed the leaders of France, England and the United States to come together yesterday to declare that Iran's attitude will not be tolerated anymore and to give the persian country a deadline to make an end to it's nuclear program. Last night, i watched Ahmadinejad's interview with Larry King and it appeared clear to me that the President of Iran has no intention to listen to what Obama, Sarkozy and Brown told him in Pittsburgh. The attitude of Ahmadinejad was intolerable with Larry King. The anchorman of CNN is a very patient man. He should have left in the middle of the interview. The leader of Iran never answered to one of his questions clearly.

In all that story we must know that the United States are already squeezed with a war on two fronts. They are still in Irak and like many other nations they are in Afghanistan fighting probably for a lost cause. Iran knows that. Obama knows that and he has almost no solutions on a short term to get out of the problem. So, Israel hopes to be backed up by the U.S. against Iran. Obama listened to Netanyahu's speech and he probably felt that he needed the help of France and England to answer to Netanyahu's demand. He acted like a man who needed help, appearing in front of the world flanked by Nicolas Sarkozy and the "dark" mister Brown to try to intimidate Iran.

On the side of Ahmadinejad, he is squeezed too, even if he tries to show that he's in control of everything. His government is very contested in his own country. People of Iran still protest against what appear to be a false election result and the little tyran could be out of the leadership of his country soon. But i think that even if a new leader was nominated in Iran, the attitude of that country's government would be the same. They probably would pursue their nuclear program anyway.

Are we on the verge of a new major conflict ? Possibly. Israel is probably about to act toward Iran. Before Iran strike Israel. In all that, America and it's allies are stuck in Afghanistan and for me, that's a real shame. Here in Canada, we are impatient to see our country get out of there. All those young soldiers who get killed for a cause lost in advance pay of their lives for bad decisions taken by governments.

One thing is sure, the people who orchestrate all that puzzle are probably happy right now to see the most powerful country in the world stuck in two wars that will probably will have no end. It's so easy to defy the international community when the big guardian is already too busy to answer.

jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Canada showing the way.

Yesterday was a day for Canada to show the way. At the United Nations in New York, Canada was the first country to leave the place in protest to Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad. Minister of the foreign affairs for Canada, Mr. Lawrence Cannon and his team left the place as soon as the iranian leader started to embarass himself again and many other countries also left, following the protest gesture showed strongly by Canada. I was proud to be canadian seeing that on tv last night.
Another canadian made me proud yesterday. Aliya-Jasmine Sovani from MTV Canada, wrote, directed and played in a video about awareness for breast cancer. A video that brought her lots of attention. "The View", "Good Morning America" and CNN all talked about that short film because the subject does not leave anybody indifferent but also because miss Sovani's awareness film is controversial for some people. Even in 2009, if you show some skin and some boobs even covered, that will make people talk. But for me, nothing is controversial in miss Sovani's art work. The video delivers a message with efficacity and that's what is important. So much women are touched by breast cancer and by the way their families and friends. There will never be enough talk and awareness about breast cancer and about cancer in general. If less money was spent on wars and more on research, maybe we would have already found a solution for many cancers.
Aliya-Jasmine Sovani's work touches it's goal and i was also proud to be canadian when i saw her on tv with her message and i'm happy for her if she receives so much attention now. Her work is showned around the world and that allows her message to be heard even more than she probably expected. Canadians must continue to show the way. And i also think that there should be more contribution and partnership between medias of Canada and those of the United States. But this will be a subject for another blog.

mercredi 23 septembre 2009

So much things to change in this world.

Today i watched the adresses by the leaders of our world, at the United Nations. Usually watching this is boring. Today it was not the case at 100 %. Let's say that politics remain politics. Never really entertaining and full of lies.
We had the chance to listen to President Obama who once again showed the world that he does not intend to be like the u.s.a. presidents before him. He made his point that his country is finished to be the one and only who will go anywhere in the world to try to resolve other's problems. He wants to change that tendancy. He is right. He also knows that his country pays the high price for having played that role for too long. Even if i'm from Canada and that Obama is not my President, i follow what he does because i think he's full of good intentions and of good ideas. He won't have it easy though. Remember before being elected. He said: " Change has come to America", and everybody was happy. Many cried of joy when he was elected. Now that change arrives too much people are returning against him. Bizarre ...
Today we also had the pleasure to listen ( for a long time) to Mouamar Khadafi, leader of Lybia. I know, the guy was once a terrorist and is not probably trustable now. But today among the ton of declarations he pronounced, he told lot of thruth. That's true that the world is not equal for all the people of that earth and that the most powerful countries don't make real efforts to help the poor populations. That is also true that there seem to be laws for the super powerful countries and other laws for the less powerful countries. We saw that in the last years. And what i liked from Khadafi is that he told what he thought, even if it was not what the assembly wanted to hear. In politics, we are accustomed to hear what is "correct" to say but not really the thruth. I think people must understand that democraty is a lot more than go to vote once at each four or five years and let the politicians lie to us and decide everything without consulting us. It's up to the people in each countries, to change this world. If we let it to the politicians, i can predict you that in 2067, nothing will have changed. If the planet is still holding on in 2067 !